Wallet Claim Pin Verification

During the initial wallet claim procedure, Tokiphy generated a hash of your wallet claim pin and stored it. Your actual pin was not stored. Retrieving the pin from the hash is mathematically impossible as it is a one-way function. When you enter your pin, we generate a hash and compare it to the stored hash. If they match, we can verify that the pin you entered is correct and the same one you used during the initial wallet claim.

Before proceeding with other functions like NFT transactions or key export, we check and pre-authorize your pin. This is done to ensure security.

Please take note that if the pin verification fails more than 5 times for each wallet, we will temporarily block access to these functions for security purposes. Please make sure to verify that you have entered the correct pin if you encounter any failures.

Make sure to enter the correct wallet claim pin. If you have multiple wallets with different pins, ensure that you are using the correct pin for the specific wallet.

You will be prompted to enter your wallet claim pin once for every portal access and individual wallet access.

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