NFT Transfer

To initiate a transfer of your NFT, navigate to the NFT overview section and choose the specific NFT from the list.

You have arrived at the transactions home menu. Here, you can find additional information about the upcoming transaction, including the blockchain platform (in this case, Polygon), the sender's address, and other NFT details.

Please enter a valid destination address and then click on the icon located close to "Gas Fees?" to get an estimate of the transaction fees.

Make sure to check the info message area for any errors or additional information.

Please include the prefix "0x" when entering the destination address.

If you receive an error message stating that the wallet claim pin you entered is incorrect, please return to the default wallet menu and select the desired wallet again. Then, access the NFT overview and select the NFT you wish to transfer. Please note that this is a known bug that will be resolved soon.

You will receive information about the gas transaction fees after that.

To finalize the transaction, click on "> INITIATE TRANSACTION." An email will be sent to you, which must be confirmed within 60 seconds.

Please note:

You won't be able to initiate a NFT token transaction if the gas credits on your Tokiphy Card are not enough to cover the required gas fees or the NFT minting contract's code is not compatible with EIP-712 to enable it to accept forwarded transactions.

You can learn more about gas fees by clicking on this link.

pageGas fees

You always can export the Tokiphy Wallet and import it into a custom wallet such as Metamask. This allows you to manage your own gas fees and initiate token transfers independently.

The Tokiphy portal is currently in beta and being developed continuously. The Status Overview page is also in progress and does not currently display any details yet.

The Tokiphy Basis Edition Certificate, along with other certificates related to Tokiphy Card, may be in the form of soulbound tokens. This means that they are tied to a specific wallet and cannot be transferred to another wallet.

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