Users, Creators and Validators


A "User" refers to any individual or physical entity utilizing the Tokiphy Card or the Tokiphy Chip as a means of verifying their identity and confirming their ownership of tokens. The ownership of tokens is determined by the possession and interaction with NFT tokens in a blockchain wallet, while identity is established based on the ownership of the blockchain wallet.

NFT token validation can enable additional token-gated services, benefits, and product experiences.


The term "Creators" refers to a wide range of individuals and entities, including NFT artists and brands, design studios, agencies, ticket providers, digital ID authorities, certificate issuers, schools, musicians, blockchain and web3 projects, and other token-gated service providers.


"Validators" are service providers such as event organizers, authorities, institutions, companies, or other entities in industries like sport, music, fashion, lifestyle, art and hospitality who utilize the Tokiphy Ecosystem.

It is challenging to distinguish and merge Creators and Validators across various areas and their uses.

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