Token-gating is when you use a token or NFT to unlock something. This can be anything from digital content to physical goods.

Brands can offer exclusive merchandise to their fans that also doubles as a ticket to the event. By embedding the Tokiphy Chip in t-shirts and other items of clothing, brands can give fans access to digital content before the event. This allows sponsors to get more exposure for their brand while also delivering an easy and convenient experience for music lovers.

Fashion brands are always trying to stay ahead of the curve, and one way they're doing that is by experimenting with limited apparel collections. Tokiphy offers NFC tags that offer even more benefits, like validating digital twins linked to the metaverse, pre-installed NFTs linked to holders and physical items. This could be your ticket into IRL events or a meet and greet with artists!

Example: Yuga Labs & Doodles

Exemplary web3 native media companies, such as Yuga Labs and Doodles, have been pioneers of exclusive membership events. Tokiphy is an excellent way for web3 communities to easily organize fun IRL events that come with personalized tickets catered to the attendees.

Tokiphy helps to bring people from different communities together and create new ecosystems. We validate digital tokens from different NFT projects so that we can unite project lovers from the art, fashion, and music sectors.

Token-gating can either be simple, such as owning x to unlock y, or it can more complex and based on different variables:

  • What combination of NFTs a user owns

  • Which specific traits those NFTs have

  • How long the user has owned them

When you own a digital blockchain wallet, it will be similar to carrying around your pocket wallet today. In the future, digital tokens will take the place of cash or other assets for payments and accessing services and benefits.

Tokiphy is the solution you need to verify identity and ownership quickly, easily and safely.

Token-gated commerce is predicted to grow rapidly because NFTs can connect customer journeys through platforms. This means that the platform a customer uses does not matter - what matters most is that the brand creates an engaging and easy experience. For Shopify merchants, this could look like setting up a token gate on their online store and providing customers with a step-by-step guide on how to collect tickets using Tokiphy's utility services.

With digital identities in metaverses, customer experiences are going from 2D to 3D and physical to virtual.

NFTs are shrouded in a sense of scarcity, provenance, community, and knowledge. We can see how digital fashion designers will utilize Tokiphy to create an entirely different ecosystem that prioritizes traceability. This would allow brands to have control over the secondary market while also providing customers with insight into which artist wore their dress at a specific event.

We have full confidence that Phygitals will be the most crucial role in the near future.

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