Custom Wallet

To add a custom wallet, go to the icon menu on the left and select "Custom Wallet".

To link your personal wallet with your Tokiphy card, click on "Connect Wallet" and connect it to your web3 wallet. If the message "Wrong Network" appears, switch to Ethereum and try again as the signature can only be done on the Ethereum network. Different wallet chains are supported for validation and NFT claims.​

Once you have connected to web3 and signed in successfully, you can link your Tokiphy card with a custom wallet. Please note that currently only one custom wallet can be linked to your Tokiphy card. However, if you wish to link a different wallet, you can remove the current one and link the new one. This applies at all times.

Your Tokiphy Card is not yet linked to your custom wallet!

To complete the assignment process, click on "Assign wallet to card >" after you have successfully signed.

After being taken back to the main user area, you can access the custom wallet area by clicking on the left menu icon again.

You now can see the confirmation that your custom wallet is linked to your Tokiphy Card.

Just to clarify, we do not distinguish between chains here. When verifying a card, we search all chains (Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC) for a potential token contract match to simplify the overall process.

You can only add one custom wallet at a time to your Tokiphy Card.

To remove your personal wallet from the Tokiphy verification process or add another wallet to the Tokiphy Card, simply click on "Remove wallet from card>" and begin the process again whenever you want.

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