Tokiphy Chip

The Tokiphy Chip is a smaller version of the Tokiphy Card meant for embedding or wearing. Although smaller, it has the same features and capabilities as the Tokiphy Card. Because of its smaller size and antenna, it uses NFC proximity technology, with a scanning range of up to 10 centimeters. The Tokiphy Chip is great for verifying the authenticity of physical products in relation to their digital NFT twin or originality certificate.

Design Examples

Weยดve built several design examples of luxury, watch-style bracelets that contain our Tokiphy chip. It has an enclosure made of CNC machined aluminum that has been anodized matte. There is an elegant and stylish engraving on both sides with the brand name. The top cover uses real stone veneer that consists of an ultra-thin natural stone layer and it's reinforced with glass fibers and cotton. Each cover is unique since they're all handmade. On-demand, we can provide custom branding as well as different types and styles of stone covers.

By working with established brands and offering complete customization of our Tokiphy chip, we help them generate additional revenue through a new product category that offers generous margins while giving customers an all-new brand experience.

The authentication of brand-related digital collectibles, utilities and benefits using our embedded chip linked to the client's blockchain wallet opens up further usage possibilities and new in-house shopping experiences.

Luxury accessories can be mixed and matched with the most current fashion trends. A Louis Vuitton bag or Nike Sneaker, for example, provides evidence that you own your digital blockchain twin.

Tokiphy allows for an infinite number of possibilities, and it does so in the most secure, simple, and adaptable way possible.

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