Tokiphy provides technology services that enable creators, validators, web3 projects, industries, and other blockchain-related service providers to incorporate and utilize its technology in various areas. Its services simplify wallet access, user identity verification, and token validation.

We are working with brands and web3 projects to test the use cases of blockchain token-gated services. These services include ticketing, access control based on certificates, digital identity, selling and releasing NFT collections. Our focus is on industries such as fashion, art, music, sports, events, and lifestyle.


The Tokiphy platform has a lot of potential for various use cases and a diverse market opportunity. The identification and validation of digital tokens to identify the user and grant access to specific places, utilities, benefits and new consumer experiences, is required everywhere.

Our target audience is industry professionals, event planners, the web3 community, art and fashion creators, businesses and lifestyle experts.

Given the above challenges in digital identity verification, we believe that there is a significant potential to finally disrupt existing pain-points and roadblocks with our Tokiphy solution for blockchain-based digital identification validation.

We saw great potential in our solution, so we started running tests in digital ticketing and fashion.

We're already partnering with local event organizers on several projects, and are co-organizing various web3 events. Everyone who comes will receive a Tokiphy Card which not only acts as their ticket, but has other utilities and benefits built into it. One of those features is automatically generating proof of attendance.

To round out the presentation, we show off how easy Tokiphy is to use with unique NFT holders, such as how to reclaim utilities like free beer and backstage access to meet and greet top artists.

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