How it works

Tokiphy requires a new chip or card to be linked with the user's blockchain wallet. We establish this connection by issuing a blank chip with an encrypted certificate, which is then signed by the user's corresponding wallet. This certificate is stored on the blockchain and can be accessed and verified through our Tokiphy Reader hardware.

New applications

Our Tokiphy validation solution not only allows companies to build new applications on top of it but also allows them to invent entirely new use cases. We're even considering open-sourcing our hardware design under certain licensing terms so that we can find a broader and faster mass adoption. As an experienced hardware startup, we offer design support for OEM hardware solutions of our chip and card so that they can be used in customized physical products and wearables.

Default wallet

In addition, for widespread adoption, we have given each chip a default blockchain address where only its public address is available. The private key is automatically generated during the production process through a secure and random cybersecurity-certified process that is unknown to us. The user receives the public blockchain address along with the chip, which is engraved on the Tokiphy Smart Card.

For non-affine web3 and blockchain users, the elderly and handicapped, as well as others who find it difficult to set up our Tokiphy solution step by step, this is an excellent opportunity. They don't even need a blockchain wallet. During any purchase procedure, digital certificates, collectibles, tickets, or NFTs can be submitted directly to this designated address that is linked to our chip and card by default.

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