Wallet claim

When you claim a Tokiphy Wallet, you will have complete control over the default wallets, including the ability to export and import private keys to other wallet solutions. This transforms the wallets into a non-custodial solution, with Tokiphy serving only as a technology provider and not a custodian.

During the claiming procedure, the user needs to choose a pin code that is used to encrypt wallet access on the Tokiphy platform. Once this wallet claim pin is chosen and applied, Tokiphy loses access to the wallet functionality without further user interaction. Tokiphy does not store this pin directly in any data storage. The pin is transformed into a hashed pin and used to encrypt wallet interaction.

The Tokiphy Platform requires users to provide their wallet claim pin for every transaction they want to initiate. This is mandatory during user interaction.

Please note that the wallet claim pin cannot be changed nor recovered.

If you forget or lose your wallet claim pin, you will not be able to initiate any wallet transactions on the Tokiphy platform. When you start the wallet claim process, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you used to register your Tokiphy Card. The claiming procedure cannot be confirmed using any other email address.

Once you receive the confirmation email for your wallet claim, you must click on the link provided in the email to complete the process. If you do not confirm the email within 5 minutes, the wallet claim procedure will be canceled.

Once the claim is confirmed, the default wallets assigned to a card will be available to the user for NFT token interactions, wallet export, and other services.

The Tokiphy validation solution is always enabled for the Tokiphy Card settings, regardless of whether a user's wallet has been claimed or not. The system validates NFTs belonging to the associated wallet addresses on the mainnet through the Tokiphy ecosystem.

The user is free to choose whether or not they want to utilize Tokiphy Wallet and its associated services.

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