Wallet export

To export their wallet's private keys, the user must first claim the default wallet successfully. The private keys are then exported in an encrypted keystore format, which requires a password. The user cannot directly export the private keys. They must enter the correct wallet claim pin for every interaction with the wallet, including exporting the default wallet. Additionally, a second password is required for exporting the wallet.

The wallet export password is meant to encrypt the keystore file before it's sent to the user. Later, if the user wishes to import the keystore file into another wallet, they'll need the same wallet encryption password to decrypt the keystore file.

Please note that the wallet export password cannot be changed nor recovered.

If you forget or lose the password, you will not be able to import or decrypt your exported wallet keystore file. It's important to remember this before initiating the wallet export process, which can only be done after successfully claiming your wallet.

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