The Tokiphy Validator is a service that helps identify the owner of a blockchain wallet and confirms their token ownership. To use it, you will need two hardware components:

Tokiphy Card or Chip and a Tokiphy Reader device.

The Tokiphy Card is connected to a blockchain wallet belonging to the user. By using the Tokiphy Reader hardware to scan the card, we are able to verify the user's token ownership and identify their wallet in a single step.

Validators have the ability to choose a particular blockchain token, which is referred to as the NFT minting contract address, on Ethereum, Polygon (Matic) or the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). By adjusting settings such as token id, token quantities, native token balances, name, symbol, metadata properties, and traits, an even more specific selection can be made. The validator can fully customize their validation criteria for blockchain tokens through programming.

Once you complete the initial setup process, you can scan your user card with a Tokiphy Reader to receive a response of either "VERIFIED" or "UNVERIFIED".

The validation process happens in real-time as the system checks the blockchain.

The entire procedure is typically completed in less than two seconds but may be affected by connectivity and blockchain node activity.

Our plan includes supporting REST API services to facilitate API integration into third-party applications and apps in the near future.

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