Default Wallets

You can view the available wallets assigned to your Tokiphy Card by checking this overview. To use the wallet functions, such as NFT transfer, key export, and NFT viewer, you must first claim each wallet one by one.

To clarify, you should only claim the wallet on the specific chain that you require. By clicking on the icon that looks like a chain, you can open a chain explorer that displays an overview of the related balance and NFT tokens.

To access wallet functionalities, you need to click on the "Claim now" button and complete the process. Once your claim is successful, the button will change to "Access now". Remember that until you finish the claim procedure, you won't be able to access other wallet features.

To access one of the available wallets, click on "ACCESS NOW". The selected wallet can be accessed by clicking on the menu "Selected Wallet".

In order to switch between wallets, you will always have to return to this menu.

You will be prompted to enter your wallet claim pin once for every portal access and individual wallet access. Additional information is available in the "Wallet Claim Pin Verification" section.

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