The new Avatar collection and phygitals from RTFKT are changing the game by bridging the gap between the physical and virtual world. Today's business model is shifting to what is known as the creator economy. In this system, NFT holders have intellectual property and commercial rights over digital items. As a result, brands benefit from value created by their community, while NFT holders receive perks like special airdrops, merchandising or invitations to IRL events.

Key competitive advantages are here:

  • Technology driven

Based on their NFT. Service that allows users to access physical goods.

  • Exclusivity

The target market is digital communities. Merchandise is linked to the avatar's DNA in the form of an NFT.

  • Fully phygital

Customer identity and status is both virtual and physical.

  • Interconnectivity

Each physical item has a Tokiphy chip embedded which gives customers opportunities to use the product, like getting access to events in a new way they have not experienced before.

Tokiphy can tailor, adopt and integrate into any luxury item you might desire.

We help brands create and launch new product categories that are innovative, generate high margins, and provide customers with a brand-new experience. Our embedded chip connected to the customer's blockchain wallet allows verification of collectibles, digital utilities, benefits associated with the brand. By doing this we open up further use cases and create an entirely novel shopping experience for our customers.

It positioned itself as being high-end and exclusive, with a focus on the authenticity of the culture surrounding web3. Targeting their audience of wealthy and experienced crypto natives as NFT holders who respect bluechip NFTs in their portfolios.

Imagine having the Tokiphy chip embedded in a design solution customized to your brand. Brands can have a new, "sexy" and trendy state of the art design that is exclusive to their luxury customers. It's a new sales channel with limitless possibilities for benefits from it are unending.


Recently, Ferragamo collaborated with digital artist Shxpir to create a shop in SOHO New York where NFTs are becoming physical experiences for the brands offering in-store minting. This is proof that brands are bridging physical goods to digital NFTs, and now the first retailers have started to incorporate NFT technology into their physical stores.

Tokiphy's technology allows for easy token validation that is both fast and secure, helping these brands in the process.

In addition Tokiphy helps to prevent fraud.

Tokiphy provides an easy minting process, pre-installed NFTs to mint in store, cross benefits with other communities and a highly recognizable outstanding product - increasing usability, security and customer satisfaction.

Tokiphy offers a chip solution that can be embedded in bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry. This helps brands increase awareness, onboard new customers, and offer innovative brand experiences.


By tokenizing a brand specific loyalty card, Tokiphy verifies its digital entity and ownership. Afterwards, the customer is allowed to claim benefits in-store or online - such as special discounts only for NFTs holders, special giveaways, and in-store events.

NFT holders can use their proof of eligibility to take advantage of benefits that vertical businesses, such as those in the hospitality space, offer. For example, we have seen an increase in brands emerging into the luxury hospitality sector through a direct or partner approach. These relationships could result in perks like discounts on rooms, suits, restaurants, SPA treatments and beauty services, as well as unique in-house experiences .

By targeting a new customer base with digital token in their wallets, businesses can segment customers for targeted offers.

The key is finding the right process to facilitate onboarding.

Even though getting a traditional membership is easier for most people, companies must still invest in improving the onboarding experience of NFT membership-based programs. For brands considering NFT-based memberships, it’s crucial to reduce the learning curve as small as possible for non-blockchain users - ideally, they won't even realize they are using web3 technologies.

Tokiphy makes it easier for users by having a wallet address pre-assigned to each card. This means that the user does not need any knowledge about web3 or blockchain technology to start using the Tokiphy card. Brands can supply the Tokiphy card together with membership or utilities that are pre-loaded onto their public wallet address. At a later stage, the user can claim their private keys, or even backup the card during the initial assignment procedure by also transferring the NFTs to their main, secure wallet.

This situation is beneficial for both parties involved. With trust, security and peace of mind being combined with all the benefits and utilities that are available for the target group, it makes perfect sense to move forward with this option.

Brands and Merchant Partners

Large brands are now teaming up with other companies in order to provide users access to discounts, deals and status. Potential partners include restaurants, nutrition stores, food stores, luxury accessory brands, gyms hotels and rental agencies among others.

It's never been easier to offer a new shopping experience.

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