Tokiphy Card

The Tokiphy Card is a customizable physical smart card that features the Tokiphy brand, logo, and a hologram imprint on the backside. It also includes a serial number, a QR code, a security label, and other edition-specific details.

The QR code on the card has the public address of an EVM-compatible blockchain wallet assigned to it. This QR code can be scanned from a wallet such as metamask and may serve as a destination address if you wish to transfer NFT tokens to the card's default wallet.

The card code printed below the security label is necessary for both user registration and card claim functions.

You can register and assign a new Tokiphy Card to yourself through the Tokiphy Portal. When you register, a blockchain wallet is generated by default, which you can claim afterwards (check Tokiphy Wallet). If you want, you can also assign an existing custom wallet to your Tokiphy Card using Metamask and Wallet Connect signatures.

Register your Tokiphy Card at

Register only after removing the security label. Avoid registering your card if the code is exposed and readable as it may become invalid.

The default wallet is not assigned to any user at the beginning. The first user who registers their card code on the Tokiphy Platform will have access to the wallet. This is when the Tokiphy Wallet functionality will become available.

It´s not a hardware wallet

The Tokiphy Cards are not a type of hardware wallet and they do not store any private keys or personal information related to blockchain wallets.

Tokiphy Cards serve various purposes such as being custom branded gift-cards, collectible cards, membership cards, identification cards, authentication cards, access control cards, or general key cards.

Can be scanned through NFC Technology

The Tokiphy Card can be used with Tokiphy Reader hardware to instantly confirm a user's public blockchain wallet address and verify their ownership of tokens. This includes both the default wallet and any assigned custom wallets. The Tokiphy Cards utilize NFC technology within a range of 80 centimeters for scanning.

Tokiphy cards are being distributed either directly under the Tokiphy brand or through third-party brands, but the back side of the card always has the Tokiphy brand printed on it.

Custom Brands

Tokiphy Cards can be used by brands and creators to provide token-gated services. They do this by checking token ownership on designated user wallets. Additionally, brands and creators can add NFTs or digital blockchain certificates to Tokiphy Cards ahead of time and distribute them to their customers. Customers can then claim the corresponding NFTs or certificates using the Tokiphy Wallet solution at a later time.

The experience allows users to claim their drops using only the Tokiphy Card, providing a physical NFT mint experience. Users do not require blockchain technology experience or a wallet to participate.

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