NFT Overview

To access the NFT overview page, go to the selected wallet page.

To begin a real-time scan of all ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens in your wallet, click the icon located next to NFTs. This will open a new page that displays all the available NFTs.

This wallet contains a list of all available NFTs with details provided. You can filter them by their type: ERC721, ERC1155, Premium, and Verified. Remember to refresh the list by going back to the selected wallet menu and clicking on the NFT icon after changing the filters.

Kindly take note that we only refresh and reload the NFT list once for the chosen wallet. If you want to update the list in real-time, you may go back to the default wallet menu and select the same wallet again.

To access the sub-menu for transferring NFTs, click on the icon next to "Transfer".

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